What are the Causes of Drain Clogs

There are a few different reasons for clogged drains. Examples are: drains can get clogged due to the scaling that happens from hard water, which is water that’s full of minerals. You can reduce this risk by having a plumber install a water softener.

Some of the more severe drainage problems happen when grease starts to build up and clog the drain. The grease not only stops the flow of wastewater, but can also prevent a building’s septic system from working properly. It can affect the entire sewer system of a building and cause it to back up. Drain cleaning should be a plumbing priority and routine maintenance of your property and at Round Rock Plumbing, we provide drain cleaning services that are reliable and trusted in Round Rock, Cedar Park, Jollyville and other areas in North Austin Texas area.

Schedule your routine drain cleaning service to keep your home plumbing system in the best condition and to avoid costly repairs. Drain cleaning is necessary for both residential and commercial properties in Texas. A clogged drain, regardless if it’s a waste or fixture drain, main drain or sewer drain, causes a tub or sink to drain slowly, or might keep them from draining at all.

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